Activator fish attract купить

While putting in my order I was sidetracked by my 3 yr old daughter and forgot to put my address in all the way. lol. I was called within 2 minutes to confirm the full address. Talk about customer service!! Being a michigan native and seeing my buddy from my hometown killing fish on this product I had to order some to show these Tennesseans what's up! Can't wait to get my first order! And once again awesome customer service! Thank you Lure Lipstick! No Mess, Fast to Apply and Compatible with your Favorite Lure I was out Bed fishing on the Holiday up here we had Rain shower's on and off most of the day. So after the rain thing's got slow and clouds moved in the fish was off the bite so I got the Lure lip stick out and I was back in the game after 2 cast.
I replenished my Jig with Lure lip stick about every third Cast . Seem's to go a long ways . Come and get yeah some. The latest in fish attractant technology featuring an All-Natural blend of Fish Pheromones, Oils and Amino Acids